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About the new book...​

The true story behind this fictional rendition began when the 2009 hijacking of the MV Maersk Alabama caught Jon’s attention in 2010.  Inspired to write Channey’s next adventure, Jon investigated many resources including a memoir from survivors of a lengthy stay in the Somali bush and Jay Bahadur’s book about this time spent among Somali pirates.
East African pirates and criminals are distant, arcane problems irrelevant to daily life.  Out of sight, out of mind, Jon’s new novel shed light on the victim’s point of view when kidnapped, brutalized and held captive by pirates during a time when pirates are terrorizing every sort of vessel, small or large, in the Gulf of Aden, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean after no American vessel had been seized by pirates since the early part of the nineteenth century.Jon Michael Riley’s fourth book, PhotoShoot, is book two in the Channey Moran Thriller Series.  Available at your local bookstores and online retailers!

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